Change Shoe Black

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  • Interchangeable upper
  • Patented elastic band system
  • Treedom friends 2021
  • EVA superlight sole, height 4 cm
  • Reduces Co2 emissions (-50%)
  • Footwear size: EU
  • Shop Change and get a free tree with Treedom
  • Your tree will have its GPS coordinates and will be photographed
    Follow the life of your tree in profile of Fessura Treedom

Change Shoe Black


Not just a product of design and fashion but also of technology: a shoe that involves the customer in its "construction". The concept is as simple as it is genius. The SOLE, height 4 cm, is the fixed element of the shoe while the UPPER, a one-metre-long elastic strip, is threaded through slits in the sole itself, allowing the shoe to be constructed without the use of machinery, glue or stitches. Customers can engage their imagination to change the colour and style of the shoes to create their own unique look. Patented in 1999, it can be considered a pioneer in Eco-friendly footwear, as the absence of the conventional industrial construction process significantly reduces Co2 emissions (-50%). FESSURA with the CHANGE line has activated a program to help make the planet greener by undertaking a collaboration with TREEDOM. Treedom is the first web platform in the world that allows you to plant trees, create new sustainable ecosystems and involve rural communities with new jobs. A positive initiative that Fessura has decided to embrace with the sale of its CHANGE sneaker, the first interchangeable and eco-sustainable sneakers. By purchasing CHANGE online, Fessura gives you a tree with your name that can be followed remotely, in the agroforestry project of the company that has already made its environmental commitment by planting several trees in Kenya, Tanzania, Haiti and Cameroon. Each tree will be photographed, geolocated and will have its online diary in Treedom in the Fessura profile.

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