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Fessura is an Italian Fashion-sport footwear and accessories brand for men, women and children, globally available in top retailers and flagship stores. It was founded in 1999 by Andrea Vecchiola and his brothers Giorgio and Marco, with the intent to design and develop high-tech shoes. Their passion for an active lifestyle, fashion trends and art, has led to the creation of a cutting-edge icon: the elastic bands featured on all the Fessura lines. The brand thrives trough creativity and innovation, manufacturing products that embody the ultimate form of style and self-expression. The brand’s mission is to change the way people engage with high-tech products, exposing it’s customers to new styles and experiences. Thanks to its patented elastic system, Fessura is considered to be one of the most original brands in the global footwear market. Fessura products combine beauty, functionality uniqueness and innovativeness.

Our story

Fessura origins date back to 1999 in Montegranaro, one of the oldest Italian cities for shoe manufacturing. Fessura Founders are the third generation of the shoemaker family “Botticelli”. Prominent in Fessura history is another related company: FinProject S.P.A., owned by founder's uncle, Euro Vecchiola, leader in Outsole production and extra-light compound with the brand XL-EXTRALIGHT FinProject company which represent for Fessura a key laboratory to develop and experiment many kind of outsoles. Botticelli on one side and FinProject on the ohter gave the Fessura Founders a strong background which had been the sprinboad for both industries.

Our vision

The designer Andrea, showed his passion for shoes since he was young, thinking about how to make footwear without the use of industrial equipments. He came up with the idea to use elastic bands and holes for making the shoes. This system was totally different from the traditional production method. In 1999 the first concept of modular and interchangeable shoes was born, called Mummy. Its innovativeness consists also in a faster End2End process, allowing to:
1) speed the delivery of the shoes to final customers
2) customise colours and patterns.

Elastic Bands and Sock shoes pioneers

Fessura is a pioneer of sneakers with elastic bands.These shoes, in 2010, marked the beginning of a trend well known worldwide even nowadays, and used by many brands. The SockShoes Collection’s design can be adaptable to many different styles: elegant, street, urban and casual. The shoe has a lightweight outsole made with innovative compounds. These compounds are anti-allergic, with anatomic insoles and uppers with stretchable materials and some elastic details. Fessura company also created a new material called “Doubleskin” which is made with a double layer of lycra containing a breathable foam for Spring\Summer seasons and a waterproof neoprene for the Autumn\Winter season.

The reflex

On the occasion of the 96th edition of Pitti Uomo, June 2019, the new entry of the Fessura family, the 'REFLEX', was presented. Inspired by the University thesis in Product Design of student Sofia Telatin, it is a shoe able to generate the reflexology foot massage, through a patented system of 4 bearings inserted in the sole, made of XL EXTRALIGHT® (an innovative and ultra-light material which is the result of the research and creativity of the Finproject S.p.A laboratories).
The bearings actively stimulate, four macro-areas of the foot: 'Mind' or the highest area of the plant located under the fingers, acts on the head and brain; 'Body' immediately after the fingers, facilitates breathing;'Energy' in the arch of the foot, stimulates the vital functions of the body; 'Reflex' the heel part, acts on posture and balances walking.
This line is made with a recycled leather and a cork membrane that underlines the company's attention in using Eco-friendly products.

The benefits of fessura

Fessura combine beauty and functionality in a unique and innovative way!

  • So soft you can wear sockless
  • Minimises odor
  • Flexibly conforms to your movements
  • Lightweight and breezy

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