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Our central headquarters is in Montegranaro, in the heart of the MARCHE region. Originally built as a granary in 1700, it was converted into a factory in 1930 thanks to the insight of Com. Aldo Botticelli, pioneer of the Marchigiana shoemaking industry and grandfather of the founders of FESSURA. It is in this building, a mix of Tradition and Innovation, that our Ideas and strategies are created and developed.

Our mission

Our Company's founders are Giorgio, Andrea and Marco Vecchiola. Their mission is to change the way in which sneakers are designed and made, creating products that give customers new experiences focusing on comfort, design, technology, well-being and respect for the environment. Their vision is for FESSURA to become the global benchmark for fashion-tech sneakers in the modern family segment.

Fessura change

Not just a product of design and fashion but also of technology: a shoe that involves the customer in its "construction". The concept is as simple as it is genius. The SOLE is the fixed element of the shoe while the UPPER, a one-metre-long elastic strip, is threaded through slits in the sole itself, allowing the shoe to be constructed without the use of machinery, glue or stitches. Customers can engage their imagination to change the colour and style of the shoes to create their own unique look. Patented in 1999, it can be considered a pioneer in Eco-friendly footwear, as the absence of the conventional industrial construction process significantly reduces Co2 emissions (-50%).

Fessura sockshoe

The idea behind this line is 'the everyday shoe'. Patented in 2010, it is a pioneer in deconstructed footwear, marking the start of a global trend and notably influencing the way shoes are designed and made. It evolved further in 2014 with the arrival of flyknit technology - its UPPER is made in one single seamless piece, thus cutting down on the amount of waste associated with the usual cutting and stitching techniques. It's easy to put on - thanks to its slip-on design - and provides a whole new experience in comfort. This line is available in styles ranging from casual/fashion to sport/street.

Fessura reflex

The secret of Reflex is in its special sole which, thanks to the exclusive 'extrabounce' formula, creates a shoe that's lightweight, flexible and soft. These qualities contribute to the well-being of the whole body, thanks to the pressure applied to the plantar area. The four cushioned sections actually stimulate the macro-areas of the foot through reflexology massage. The 4 Zones are divided into: 'MIND' the zone underneath the toes which is connected with the head and brain and eases stress; 'ENERGY' is the zone just below the toes, connected with breathing and soothes anxiety; 'VITALITY' is at the arch of the foot and stimulates the body's vital functions and alleviates metabolic-related disorders; 'MOBILITY' the zone at the heel, is connected to posture and eases back pain. A recycled leather upper means Reflex is the perfect choice for our customers who want to balance their own well-being with that of the environment.

The benefits of fessura

Fessura combine beauty and functionality in a unique and innovative way!

  • So soft you can wear sockless
  • Minimises odor
  • Flexibly conforms to your movements
  • Lightweight and breezy

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